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Hi!!! If you’re seeing this post because I talked to you on Hypixel, a very well-known Minecraft server, this first Hypixel post is talking about how bad this Warlords update is. Just so you know…Hi! It’s a dash! a useless dash to be exact. If you STILL haven’t guessed who it is yet: BRainbowDash Yes. It’s me. Your average Warlords …Continue reading →


Some pictures of me lol

A couple weeks ago I went to Whitewater State Park with my grandparents in Altura, Minnesota. I decided to put some of the pictures that my grandparents took on the blog, and a couple pictures took in my new house. The latest photo put here (and the only one) of me was from a few years ago. (We’ve been living …Continue reading →


15 Random Facts! About history, nature, mythology, and science!

Your FINGERNAILS grow FOUR TIMES FASTER than your TOENAILS! Three-toed SLOTHS move so SLOWLY that ALGAE can grow on their fur! Ancient CELTS, the natives of England, PAINTED THEMSELVES BLUE according to tradition! FINGERNAILS and TOENAILS grow faster in the SUMMER than in the WINTER. A person is more likely to be killed by a FALLING COCONUT than by a …Continue reading →


History-the first civilizations

Say for example, you live in America. You’re thinking under a tree about America. Maybe you’d think about the World Wars. The side of America won both. If you had a great-grandparent that was a veteran of the war, you could ask him what it was like. If he/she remembers, he/she would most likely did not like it. It’s not …Continue reading →



People think of cheetahs as amazing creatures, and they really are! But, as they are famed for their speed, they also should be famed for a few other things as well. Cheetahs, if you think about it, have a weird body color, yellow, with black spots. If you get up close to the face, then you will notice that they …Continue reading →


Anti-Bullying Operation.

Over one million, five hundred thousand kids stay home from school each day due to fear or intimidation of a bully. If major bullying keeps happening, then someone could get mortally hurt, or wounded. My bff and I were bullied in the fifth grade, by a kid. He once chased my friend out into the street, and she was almost …Continue reading →


More about ‘Fluffbutt Munchkins’

Ok. We kind of changed some things about the baby robins-good news. They are now named Coconut, Nugget, and Timber. Coconut flew out of the nest early. I call them ‘Fluffbutt Munchkins’ lol and they stare at me like I’m an alien-I guess I am to them. Sadly, before I got to know them they flew out of the nest. …Continue reading →


Nature News

Today I saw the most extraordinary-and cute thing ever! A robin made a nest underneath my family’s deck, and there is baby birds! When my mother and brother and I went outside for a snack, I saw and named them. After my favorite vines compilations, lol. Technowaffle, John Cena (i don’t actually watch wrestling i just watch the vines on …Continue reading →



Do you live near the Cypress Swamp in Florida? If so, you might have seen an eagle-like bird dive into the water and snatch a fish right out of it. These are called an osprey. They are a fish-catching raptor-a bird of prey. An osprey’s diet is entirely made out of fish. Their technique to catching one is:   Find …Continue reading →


Tasmanian Tiger

It’s not a tiger, and it’s not Tasmania. A Tasmanian Tiger is a creature.   You:How come I don’t see them? Me:They are gone. You:Huh? Me:They are the one of hundreds of animals that have went extinct. You:What does extinct mean? Me:I’ll tell you! It means that an animal has died, but not only died, every single member of that …Continue reading →

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