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Personality Test-What birthstone should you REALLY have?

Choose A, B, C, or D. A is 10 points, B is twenty, C is thirty, and D is fourty. What would you rather have? A-Wealth B-Beauty C-Good Health D-Strength What most defines YOU? A-Proud B-Kind C-Caring D-Popular What is your favorite color? A-Red B-White C-Green D-Light blue   RESULTS 30-50 points-Ruby! You are proud and can be selfish but …Continue reading →



Here are the definitions of some Earth Words that you should know if you are either in the Survivors or Help Our Earth Club. Ecosystem-A community of living creatures that depend on each other for survival. Biome-a type of ecosystem with specific plants and animals, say for example the ocean biome. The ocean biome has fish, dolphins, sharks, and coral. …Continue reading →


Earth Update

I have realized that the posts on this blog that I write should be more about Earth, not just random stuff. I started writing on here with one thought in mind: “Get people knowing about Earth!” But i know you awesome peopleĀ  like the fun stuff so I thought: “Why don’t i do both?” So yeah. This post is about …Continue reading →


What Star Wars Character would you be if you were one?

Have you ever heard of the famous movie Star Wars? This personality test sees what character you would be! A is ten points, B is twenty points, C is thirty, D is forty, E is fifty. Which adjective describes you best? A-Strongminded B-Strong C-Brave D-Cocky E-Cautious What would you rather do? A-Do a lightsaber duel B-Win at chess C-Shoot a …Continue reading →


Personality Test:What animal shares your personality?

Hi guys! This personality test refers to what animal you would be if you were one. Choose A, B, or C. A is always ten points, B is always twenty points, and C is always thirty points. Would you consider yourself: A-The Hunter B-The Proud C- The Survivor What would your favorite ability be? A-The ability to jump REALLY high …Continue reading →


Personality Test…What Emotion are you Most?

Find out your overtaking emotion! Answering A is always 10 points, B, 20, C, 30, D, 40 and E, fifty points. What is your favorite color? A-um…blue? B-BLOODRED!!! C-Yellow? D-I don’t know E-Purple If your friend got you a present for your birthday that you already have, what is your first thought? A-*sighs* I didn’t get what i want, now …Continue reading →


Personality tests-which of my favorite 6 imaginary characters are you most like?

Before you do this personality test, i want you to know that i have 6 imaginary characters. They will be featured in the personality test so i want you to know a bit about them. Magia is my all-time favorite, the leader of the group. Based off me. (i based the 6 off me and 5 friends) She is very …Continue reading →



My friend and i just went into the wetlands in our backyard and we saw and heard the weirdest thing. I saw a white thing the size of a bunny and it was running by really fast. That was my friend typing. (the last sentence) I just saw leaves rustling and heard twigs, sticks and leaves breaking. Two seconds later …Continue reading →


Personality tests.

Ever been unsure about what your main personalities are? Well, here are a few tests to make sure. How fierce are you? If someone annoys you, what would you rather do? Ignore them Tell them to stop Tell a trusted adult immediately Push them away Physically do something about it (kick, punch)   What would you rather play?   Hide-and-seek …Continue reading →


my opinions and stuff

Hi guys! Remember the post “About Me” that i made when i was seven? Well I’m three years older now, and my likings have changed A TON. Darnet! I just looked on my File Explorer and there is no good pictures of me from this year. Well, i don’t really have to put one on here, cause a lot of …Continue reading →

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