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Horses and their feelings.

Don’t you know that there is other intelligent creatures like us living on this world, and some you OWN? Yes, that’s true, there are many. Here is a list of some. Dolphins -intelligent, friendly animals. They live in the sea and oceans and often found in zoos.  They like to follow boats when they go nearby. Some dolphins that live …Continue reading →


Defense for Children

Although I am just a kid, I know that kids are very fragile compared to grownups. I know that parents want to get their kids ready for “battle” in case of unexpected drama. In a large place, like a mall, you could easily get lost, In places like these, kids should be with their parents up to age 15.  Anyways, …Continue reading →


Coming Up Soon!!! (maybe)

In case you’re getting bored of this blog, I want to get games installed too, featuring stuff i like. And of course, Helping Earth stuff. Here are some things that i might install. Madtrash A bit like the popular game Angry Birds, only you’re trying to get the trash in a trash bin, and obsticles are in the air, too. …Continue reading →


Several things that can hurt the Earth

Hi again! This is a list of things that can hurt the Earth with  a list of easy solutions that you can probably do at home! #1. Litter all around Each country has a 99 precent chance of having over 100 pieces of litter. Solution: If you find any trash anywhere near where  you live, pick it up, and if …Continue reading →


News Update

About the Malaysian Flight, the stuff found in the ocean was just fishing junk. Ways to hurt the Earth! I hope people get that cleaned up… Anyways, my teacher survived the trip, which is AWESOME news for me and my classmates. As for the Malaysian Flight, a ton of Americans think it was terrists from Arabia, (including me) the place …Continue reading →


Sad news

My dog, Bailey, died in December and I hope you see him in heaven and say prayers to him! Thanks, Bethany.


Daily News- the Malasiyan Flight

A plane crashed a few days ago- I don’t know much about it, and my teacher is in Hawii over spring break and I hope you wish her luck for her plane ride! I’ve heard that that plane that I was talking about (not the one containing my teacher) crashed over the ocean. Poor people:( But I hope that the …Continue reading →


Educational Earth

Earth is educational! There is so much to figure out about Earth. Thanks!


A special thanks:)

I just wanted to say a special thanks to my brother and my two best friends from school and everyone else who supports me and my club! If you don’t, a special thanks anyway:)


Two years of experience; Happy B-day Alex!

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful spring break (I come from Minnesota) Anyways, my brother has turned two and I am so happy for him! Please say happy birthday to my 2 year old companion-he won’t bite!:)