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Defense for Children

Although I am just a kid, I know that kids are very fragile compared to grownups. I know that parents want to get their kids ready for “battle” in case of unexpected drama. In a large place, like a mall, you could easily get lost, In places like these, kids should be with their parents up to age 15.  Anyways, …Continue reading →


Coming Up Soon!!! (maybe)

m4s0n501 In case you’re getting bored of this blog, I want to get games installed too, featuring stuff i like. And of course, Helping Earth stuff. Here are some things that i might install. Madtrash A bit like the popular game Angry Birds, only you’re trying to get the trash in a trash bin, and obsticles are in the air, …Continue reading →


Several things that can hurt the Earth

Hi again! This is a list of things that can hurt the Earth with  a list of easy solutions that you can probably do at home! #1. Litter all around Each country has a 99 precent chance of having over 100 pieces of litter. Solution: If you find any trash anywhere near where  you live, pick it up, and if …Continue reading →


News Update

About the Malaysian Flight, the stuff found in the ocean was just fishing junk. Ways to hurt the Earth! I hope people get that cleaned up… Anyways, my teacher survived the trip, which is AWESOME news for me and my classmates. As for the Malaysian Flight, a ton of Americans think it was terrists from Arabia, (including me) the place …Continue reading →


Sad news

My dog, Bailey, died in December and I hope you see him in heaven and say prayers to him! Thanks, Bethany.


Daily News- the Malasiyan Flight

A plane crashed a few days ago- I don’t know much about it, and my teacher is in Hawii over spring break and I hope you wish her luck for her plane ride! I’ve heard that that plane that I was talking about (not the one containing my teacher) crashed over the ocean. Poor people:( But I hope that the …Continue reading →


Educational Earth

Earth is educational! There is so much to figure out about Earth. Thanks!


A special thanks:)

I just wanted to say a special thanks to my brother and my two best friends from school and everyone else who supports me and my club! If you don’t, a special thanks anyway:)


Two years of experience; Happy B-day Alex!

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful spring break (I come from Minnesota) Anyways, my brother has turned two and I am so happy for him! Please say happy birthday to my 2 year old companion-he won’t bite!:)


New Story: Rainbow Dash and Friends: Rainbow Dash’s First Balloon

Hey everyone! I have made up another story! I love My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic . I actually am CRAZY about it.  I am playing a game at my school with my friends.   I like the game that I made up.  I  am a baby 2-year old Rainbow Dash (character from My Little Pony and my toy.) I …Continue reading →